Pakistan Diaries – 25th February


Monday. What a packed day, with 4 events. AM – visit to one of the Bloomfield Hall private schools. A very pleasant experience! We are in a field with a stage and a marquee with hundreds of children and staff all waiting for me. It`s nice and warm and the staff are lovely.
In the middle of my session, I end up mentioning my mother. Her memories result in an emotional moment. I begin to weep. The children are spellbound as I urge them to hug and kiss their parents as often as they can., as I miss that so much. They see the writer caught up in personal grief. Soon the teachers are reaching for the tissues. One child brings a box for me.

I read from The Holy Woman and then I ask the children to join me on the stage to ask questions. This results in a lively queue of young men and women asking terrific questions and posing for photographs with me. I am impressed by the quality, variety and depth of their questions and of course their impeccable English!
After tea I am whisked off to my main event at the Bahauddin Zakariya University in the afternoon…..