Today began in a very special place. I visited the school for the blind, with students from all over India, funded and overseen by the Aligarh Muslim University. It has become one of most memorable occasions in my life. I heard children of all ages singing their national anthem, and their enthusiasm, confidence, and fervour was so heart-warming and impressive. It was a very emotional experience for me. I just wanted to reach out to them, and began hugging some of the girls. As we interacted, I was impressed by their ambition and goals to succeed in life one wants to become Prime Minister and not let their disability get in their way. I hugely enjoyed talking to them,  and urged them to remember their right to expect the best in life,  including education, and to always aim high. I praised their teachers for their work and skills, and I am very thankful to Professor Kidwai for suggesting that I should visit this wonderful school.