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Half the Sky: The Need to Educate Girls & Women

Qaisra took part in a panel to help improve literacy levels for girls and women in developing countries: “Teaching one woman to write her name for the first time is equivalent to another woman’s PhD. But the problem is so big that it requires cultural change to extinguish completely.”…

Enjoying Byron Bay Writers Festival

I am literally on the other side of the world! Arrived at the Byron Bay Writers Festival this afternoon and met up with the world-famous Jeanette Winterson, a wonderful lady who also lives in Manchester. We enjoyed an excellent party – great place, great food, and great views of the Pacific Ocean. I also got to catch…

Books That Changed Me

Last night Qaisra was a guest on The Drum on ABC TV. Ahead of her panel session at the Byron Bay Bay Writers’ Festival, this Saturday (see previous post) the Sydney Morning Herald ask Qaisra about the books that changed her life….