Fatepur Sikri maybe a small city in the shadow of nearby Agra, but it is of monumental importance in terms of history and architecture.

Dating back to the Mughal emperors of India, this is as a place I have longed to visit for many years, and finally my wish came true with a visit especially arranged for me by Aligarh Muslim University.

I was provided with a driver, and a wonderful student Ambassador named Muzammil — a fantastic guide, he took care of all the photography on my posts in both Agra and Fatepur Sikri.

Under the warm February sun, and barefoot, I padded across the huge central courtyards, wandering in and out of the huge halls, verandas, and courtyards, the mosque, and royal cemetery.
Marvelling at the architecture and history, the famous Emperor Akbar seemed to come alive through the stories about his life, his Hindu wife Jodha Akbar, and his son Salim’s birth.
What a marvellous way to end my tour of India. Such a treat!
IMG_5998  fatepur
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