Mandalay Day 4

Day of sightseeing.  Golden Monastries, Royal palaces, watch towers and the greatest of all treats on this visit. The Kuthoda ‘Book’ Pagoda. What a place!  With 729 little white temples in acres of land- housing life sizes pages from the Buddhist Holy Book inscripted on tall tablets. Hence the title of ‘Biggest Book in the World’. I loved this place.

We were so lucky – gatecrashed into various ceremonies in the temple, with adorable little girls and their mothers dressed in gorgeous finery, taking their blessings and offerings to the Buddha.

Lot of barefooted walking around the holy places and climbing to the top of the watch tower in the Royal palace, as well as reaching the top of the Mandalay hill. Sampled normal life of Mandalayan people including women sewing tapestries for tourist, others polishing down marble statues of animals and hotel staff being trained!

Still sitting at airport – waiting for a flight- which is late!