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2016 Tour of Cologne

Cologne My story, ‘A Pair of Jeans’, is being studied in Germany since 1990 and has now brought me to historical city of Cologne. This time to take part in the education book fair the Didacta. Cathedral What a fabulous Roman city Cologne is. Especially with its amazing and monumental cathedral, dating back to the 13th century….

Visit to Genoveva Gymnasium Köln-Mülheim, Cologne, Germany

What a delight it was to visit Genoveva Gymnasium school in the center of Cologne city, thanks to my wonderful host and dear friend Frau Dorothee Heyder from Xanten. Dorothee had arranged for me to visit this school, I was highly impressed. With a large migrant student population the school has won an award for celebrating diversity. During my…

A report from Germany, Visit to Stephen Hawking Gymnasium

Guess what? Qaisra Shahraz has been invited to our school for a reading and we are all attending! Back in January 2013, Qaisra visited the Stephen Hawking Schule in Germany, for a session discussing the theme of her short story ‘A Pair Of Jeans’ which is part of the study programme for the German  Abitur ……