Visit to Potocari Memorial Centre

This is the day I was especially looking forward to, time to visit and pay our respect to the victims of the Bosnian genocide where over 8000 men and young boys were massacred over three days in and around Srebrenica.

On the way we passed gorgeous countryside mountains and rivers, coated with soft, white snow. It was cold and chilly but a somber atmosphere prevailed throughout the day.

Potocari Memorial Cemetery with Hasan Hasanovic


It was a very sad occasion to visit this cemetery with thousands of white tomb stones representing the victims of the genocide.

Podrinje identification Center – Tuzla

Later we visited the Podrinje identification project where we met the senior forensic Anthropologist Ms. Dragana Vucetic. She explained to us the process of identifying body parts from different sources. Here we have bags of body parts still not identified.


It was lovely to meet Professor Jasmina Husanovic and other Bosnian professional women including doctors in Tuzla. They shared their experiences of working closely with Bosnian women and their families after the war. They have excellent journals on the theme of ‘Rehabilitation of victim’s of torture’.

some photos courtesy of Aisha Mirza

 Quotes by Professor Jasmina Husanovic:

It is really impossible to understand how a human being can do this to another human being.

Good to have visitors to talk about this.

You must talk to people in the UK and help them understand our pain and fate.

When Srebrenica fell, women came from there to Tuzla. They are still traumatized and have unpleasant memories.

Women without husbands could not move back to their homes & villages.


In the evening we had wonderful dinner with choir, singing and trying our scarfs fashion designs.


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