Sarajevo – Talk by our host, Resad Trbonja and Shopping tour of the city

First thing in the morning we had a talk by our host Resad. He shared his poignant world with us living through the war in his youth. We found it listening to him fascinating and humbling.


Quotes by Resad:

We were more ‘belongers’ than ‘believers’ in our religion. We didn’t know about our friends’ religion.The only difference was our name. Bosnian men were killed for their Muslim names. In Bosnia we had mixed marriages. Some people wanted to split the society – they forced people to recognize their differences.

When you hear the words used, “us and them” you know that is the beginning. Need to react! Media played a huge role and took sides and manipulated. Politicians “Keep people in fear of each other”.

People fell for these tricks easily.

Genocide can happen anywhere.Things can go terrible wrong.

Life in war became very primitive, hard to find water.

Women of Sarajevo are the true heroes of this country. Mothers, sisters, wives keeping us clean, healthy and fed while suffering and worrying themselves.


This was our last day in Bosnia. We enjoyed walking around the city center – shopping and eating our Bosnian pies which I have always loved. Thanks to my wonderful Bosnian friend and sister Dudia Zilic.

Visit to Tarik Samarah’s Gallery

What an experience seeing the pictures which tell their own story and cry out to us ‘Please Remember Us’. All of us wept and wept as we passed the pictures, posters & watched the harrowing film of men & young boys being led to their death. We had the pleasure of meeting Tarik the founder and owner of this special gallery. He is the one with the curly hair standing next to Resad.

Airport and Dinner

It was a poignant time saying good byes for our Bosnian hosts as well as each other as we parted company to return home.


Remembering Srebrenica in Manchester

Back in Manchester we hosted an invent at Manchester multi faith center with our women delegation team as well as members of women of other faiths. We shared our thoughts, feelings and reflections on our journey to Bosnia including by Sister Dudiya Zilic a Bosnian War survivor. Dudiya and her family are very speical people in my life. Dudiya is not only a very good personal friend, a fan of my writing ( she appears in my novel ‘The Holy Women’) a former student of mine from Hulme Adult Education Center and always a sister. Dudiya shared with us her harrowing story of those terrible months when wonderful friends became enemies and people fled for their lives.



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