NovelistI’m a little shy about this on-line expression but a friend insisted that I should do this, and here I am. Let me tell you a little bit about myself. I am a writer, a novelist, and scriptwriter, and an educationalist. I was born in Pakistan, spending most of my early years in the wonderful city of Lahore, until the age of 9, when my family decided to relocate to the UK and I found myself  in Manchester.

Writing has always been my passion. From my early teen years I knew I wanted to write. I wanted to express and explore  the issues faced by women of all origins; love, marriage, sexuality, with perhaps the added dimension of  cultural identity. I started with short stories and magazine articles and by the age of 19 had already been published in SHE magazine twice.

My first short story, A Pair of Jeans, published in the UK in 1988, was picked up in 1989 by a German Professor/Editor, Dr. Liesel Hermes as a literary text to be used in German schools is still studied in their curriculum. Over the years I progressed to writing longer more substantial works. My first novel, The Holy Woman,  was published here in the UK in 2002, followed by Typhoon in 2007. Both have been published in numerous countries and translated into various languages. I have also written a drama serial, Dil He to Haiwhich was telecast on Pakistan Television (PTV) and received two awards.

As a Muslim woman my novels tend to be mainly about Muslim women, living in western societies and explore the challenges and problems they face, based not necessarily on my own personal experience, but the experiences of others that I have witnessed and shared.

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