Australia Events

This summer Qaisra Shahraz will be flying out to Australia for a tour jammed packed with literary events back to back. Yes it amazes us too here at QS headquarters…how does this superwoman do it all. So here’s the list and if you’re popping along to see Qaisra on the other side of this world, don’t

Writing Diaries Morroco

29th June 2014 The first day of Ramadhan – the first fast- and returning to the novel after weeks away…busy with inspections after inspections. I feel terrible at having neglected my novel and characters for so long. But it could not be helped. What a day it is…I can’t believe how easy it has been to

Singapore- Asia Pacific Writers

Listed are events that Qaisra Shahraz will be participating this year at the annual Asia Pacific Writers and Translators Association Conference, in collaboration with The Arts House and the National Book Development Council of Singapore. ‘Bridging Cultures: Creative Writing and Literary Translation in Asia Today’ 2:45pm Thursday 17th July Conversation on Writing Today from Pakistan

Writing Diaries – Morocco

10th May 2014 I am on a train, travelling back to Marrakesh. It’s time to go home. My wonderful friends and hosts in Rabat accompanied me to the station and saw me off. I amreflecting on what a wonderful week it has been - spending it with two such hospitable families in Khemisset and Fes. They took me everywhere, introduced me to

Writing Diaries in Morocco

This evening- thanks to my wonderful hosts I had the pleasure and privilege of visiting two real villages. One ‘Dayt Roumi’ was a rather upmarket one, with a gorgeous lake in the middle, a café, even a hotel and houses of all sorts dotted around it. Another was a traditional village with a real farmhouse

Al – Meknes, Morocco

Yesterday evening saw the fabulous sites of this historical city of Morocco. Highlight – the granaries-the huge fort like building with its huge halls (see picture with hall with yellow roof) where the king Ismail Boulay kept his grain and with clever systems of water purification were great. My host Nada Bouayad and her family

Writing Diaries 9

Writing Diaries is my current blog where you can follow how I am getting on with writing my latest novel, provisionally named The Henna Painter. I hope to be posting every so often- so you’ll be getting live updates on my progress and perhaps even a sneak peak here or there of the actual manuscript when it’s in a

Schwerin Castle, Germany

I thoroughly enjoyed my visit to Germany and thought I would share my experiences and what I had learnt. Alongside my lectures, I had the opportunity to tour the cities of the Ruhr Valley and Schwerin with friends and hosts. At the top of my sightseeing was the majestic building of Schwerin Castle. Situated on

Mandalay Day 4

Day of sightseeing.  Golden Monastries, Royal palaces, watch towers and the greatest of all treats on this visit. The Kuthoda ‘Book’ Pagoda. What a place!  With 729 little white temples in acres of land- housing life sizes pages from the Buddhist Holy Book inscripted on tall tablets. Hence the title of ‘Biggest Book in the World’. I

Irrawaddy Literature Festival

Mandalay 3rd day. Fabulous end to the Irrawady literature festival, with more lively and enjoyable sessions, speeches, gala dinner, interactions, including the appearance of one of the sons of Burmese prince, come to attend a session about his grandfather, the former deposed king of Burma. Dances and puppetry ended it.  The venue of Mandalay Hills Resort Hotel