Irrawaddy Literature Festival

Mandalay 3rd day. Fabulous end to the Irrawady literature festival, with more lively and enjoyable sessions, speeches, gala dinner, interactions, including the appearance of one of the sons of Burmese prince, come to attend a session about his grandfather, the former deposed king of Burma. Dances and puppetry ended it.  The venue of Mandalay Hills Resort Hotel proved terrific and so convenient for us as we were staying there.

I had quality time with the European writers/ broadcasters/ journalists/ publishers & agents – Louis de Berniere, Jung Chang, Polly Devlin (sister in law of Seamus Heaney), Martha Kearney, Peter Poppam, Dame Joan Bakewell, Kelly Falconer. Also managed to connect with and spend time with local Burmese writers, including the well known Pascal Khoo Thwe and Thant Myint U and all the lovely Burmese women writers. I kept admiring their elegant outfits.

Sightseeing wise, had no time. Only visited the Mandalay Hills with my wonderful Thai friend and the the famous splendid temple on top of the hill. Tomorrow morning visiting the King’s palace and other places in Mandalay before flying off to Bagan – famous city with its old monumental temples.