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A Pair of Jeans was originally a short  story published in 1998, and was Qaisra Shahraz’s literary debut. After receiving great critical acclaim, it now appears as a set text in colleges and schools in Germany.

This latest edition of  A Pair Of Jeans appears as part of a compilation book of Qaisra’s short stories. In this vibrant and moving collection, Qaisra Shahraz demonstrates yet again her ability to create gripping  story lines and plots, whilst using the opportunity to explore issues facing young Pakistani Muslim women today,as they work out how to live in a world where traditional and Western values clash. The stories,  The Elopement, The Discovery, and A Pair of Jeans centre around these  issues.

The character of Miriam in A Pair of Jeans discovers that a seeming innocuous item of clothing can cause disaster, while Rubiya in The Elopement and The Discovery pays the price of rejection for her past misdeed.

In The Zemindar’s Wife and Perchanvah, the reader opens a window into a world of feudal life and the class consciousness embedded in the psyche of many of the country’s inhabitants.

Escape and The City Dwellers explore the feelings of those struggling to discover the meaning of ‘home’, whilst The Malay Host is a contrast with an element of the mysterious. What is behind the one locked door in the old Malay house that is a tourist attraction, and why is the woman of the house brandishing a piece of burning wood at the Western visitors?

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