Visit to Kinnaird College & International Centre for Pakistani writing in English – ICPWE

Visit to Kinnaird College

It was wonderful to visit Kinnaird College again – my third visit to this marvelous place which now houses an equally marvelous writers’ centre – the International Centre For Pakistani Writing in English (ICPWE) headed by the Founder Director Mr. M. Athar Tahir-Chowdhry, a poet, an artist and a former diplomat, who I had the pleasure of meeting several years ago in Islamabad at the prestigious writers’ and intellectuals’ conference presided over by Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto and the then Chairman of Academy of Letters for Fakhar Zaman. I am one of the writers whose work is being celebrated & archived at this centre.

I was cordially invited to offer a literary session with the English and Literature department at the Kinnaird College. The college celebrated its centenary when I last visited it two years ago. The Dean of Humanities, Mrs Nasreen Pasha & the Head of English Nadia Anjum, warmly requested that each time I visit Lahore I must pay a visit to Kinnaird College. So it was great to meet her and the English literature department – students and staff.

It was also really nice to meet Athar Tahir and his wonderful ICPWE team, Ayesha Ibrahim and Sana Taqdees who hosted me that day alongside the Kinnaird staff.

Inside the ICPWE Center

I love the ICPWE office with its’ lovely artistic displays of famous Muslim historical figures. It was lovely to learn about other famous writers of Pakistan and see their works in the book cases and their photos displayed on the wall. Athar Tahir and I exchanged books. Here he is standing with two of his famous books.

My work at ICPWE Centre

The ICPWE team Ayesha and Sana happily showed me my collection of books in different languages displayed in their book cabinets and artifacts / photos / posters relating to my writing life. So folks that center has become my literary ‘depositing place’. I will be soon be donating the Mandarin version of my ‘The Holy Woman’ when I next visit.

My Literary session with the English Literature Department organised with ICPWE

Athar Tahir Chowdhry a highly successful writer himself, warmly introduced me to the audience. As my two previous visits I had a great time interacting with students and teachers, posing for a group photo and of course signing of my novels.

Booking Signing & Time with Students

It was also delightful to meet my wonderful friend Moneeza Hashmi daughter of Faiz Ahmad Faiz one of the leading poets of Pakistan. Moneeza fantastic achiever who headed PTV centre in Lahore. She is also the president of Public Media Alliance.

It was she who arranged for the dramatization of my drama serial ‘Dil Hee to Hai’. It was wonderful to have her attend my literary event and see her again. We exchanged our books. My ‘Revolt’ for her ‘Who Am I?’ recently published.

Tea in ICPWE centre

I love the ICPWE office with its lovely artistic displays in the founder Director,  Athar Tahir’s room.

I enjoyed having tea with sister Nasreen & Nadia, my cousin Sara who accompanied me, the ICPWE team as well as the two American visiting lecturers.