The Holy and The Unholy: Critical Essays on Qaisra Shahraz’s Fiction


The Holy and The Unholy: Critical Essays on Qaisra Shahraz’s Fiction
collects and presents a series of academic papers and analyses of Qaisra Shahraz’s work from around the world that is richly deserved and significant. In the essays we glean more information about the historical and cultural context of her work and its deep relevance to some of the major issues that concern us all.

This volume features a foreword by Professor Akbar Ahmed (based in Washington, USA), and is edited by Abdur Raheem Kidwai and Mohammad Asim Siddiqui from the Department of English at Aigarh Muslim University, Aligarh, India. Published by Sarup Book Publishers Pvt. Ltd. New Delhi, works discussed within this volume include:

The Holy Woman

  • Under Western Eyes: Deconstructing the Colonial Representations in Qaisra Shahraz’s The Holy Woman  –  Sana Imtiaz and Shirin Zubair Haider
  • Readings of The Holy Woman from a Western Female Perspective  –  Karen Vogt
  • Recontextualization of Muslim Society and Modernity in Qaisra Shahraz’s The Holy Woman  –  Abdur Raheem Kidwai
  • The Acrid Candy of Sainthood in The Holy Woman by Qaisra Shahraz  –  Nazia Hasan
  • Sin, Suffering and Salvation in Qaisra Shahraz’s The Holy Woman  –  Shala Ghauri
  • ‘Circulation’ of Zarri Bano from one Man to Another  –  Akbar Joseph A. Syed


  • Qaisra Shahraz’s Typhoon: A Muslim Perspective on Adultery  –  Angelika Hoff
  • Representing Culture: A Comparative Study of Qaisra Shahraz’s Typhoon and Chinua Achebe’s Things Fall Apart  –  Md. Sajidul Islam
  • A Critical Appraisal of Love’s Fury  –  Attia Abid

A Pair of Jeans

  • Battling Orthodox Eugenics: Reading “A Pair of Jeans” in Rabat, Morocco  –  Mohammed Ezroura
  • Reading Qaisra Shahraz’s “A Pair of Jeans” with German students  –  Liesel Hermes
  • The Mensahib Complex – Collision and Collusion of Identity in Qaisra Shahraz’s A Pair of Jeans  –  Shuby Abidi
  • Grace under Pressure: An Exploration of Female Worlds in Qaisra Shahraz’s Short Stories  –  Sami Rafiq

General Articles include:

  • Shariah, Psychology and Modernity in the Novels of Qaisra Shahraz  –  Masoodul Hasan
  • The Political or the Social?: Qaisra Shahraz and the Present Pakistani Writings in English  –  Mohammad Asim Siddiqui
  • Cultural Narratology in Qaisra Shahraz’s Novels  –  Seemin Hasan
  • Qaisra Sharaz : The Novelist of the New Era  –  Sherin Sherwani

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